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Local Land Charges Search ... bite size

The Local Land Charges Act 1975, s.3 requires local authorities to keep a local land charges register. 

The responsibility for the local land charges register will eventually pass to the Land Registry as a result of the introduction of the Infrastructure Act 2015.

The local land charges register is divided into 12 parts: 

  1. General financial charges
  2. Specific financial charges
  3. Planning charges
  4. Miscellaneous prohibitions and charges
  5. Charges for improvement of ways over fenland
  6. Land compensation charges
  7. New town charges
  8. Civil aviation charges
  9. Open-cast coal mining charges
  10. Listed building charges 
  11. Light obstruction notices
  12. Land drainage scheme charges

Charges 8 and 9 are enforceable by statutory bodies. Charge 11 is enforceable by private individuals. The rest of the charges are enforceable by the local authority. 

Matters which are typically revealed by a search of the local land charges register include: 

  • financial charges (e.g. for the adoption of estate roads)
  • tree preservation orders
  • smoke-control orders
  • compulsory purchase orders
  • any grants of planning permission which contain conditions
  • any restrictions on permitted development (e.g. an Article 4 Direction)
  • conservation area designation orders made since 31 August 1974
  • Listed buildings registration.

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