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The Access Law Bursary provides up to 30% towards your programme fee for students from the UK who: 

  • are in receipt of benefits
  • have had their income assessed as £42,875 or less. 
How much is the bursary? 
This will vary depending on which module(s) or programme you have applied for. The bursary can be up to 30% of your fee. 
Level 4 Programme - Bursary of £877.50   Programme fee with bursary - £2,047.50
Level 6 Programme - Bursary of £720.00   Programme fee with bursary - £1,680.00

How to apply

You need to complete and return the Bursary Application Form together with your Student Application Form to support@alo-email.com

When will your bursary be paid? 

If you are eligible for an ALO Bursary, it will be credited against the programme fee. You can then opt whether you pay the balance of the programme fee in one lump sum or by 12 monthly instalments. 

What happens if you withdraw?

You must notify the Finance Office that you have withdrawn. You are not entitled to payments of the bursary due after you leave your studies. In most circumstances you will not be asked to repay any of the bursary.