Land Law 101

Land Law 101

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This land law module provides an introduction to land law. It discuses what is meant by 'land'; the extent of land; the different estates in land and the different rights over land. 

Module Content

The Land Law module is divided into 9 sections: 

Section 1: What is land?

Section 2: Ownership of and rights over land

Section 3: Joint ownership of land and estoppel

Section 4: Leases & licences

Section 5: Mortgages

Section 6: Easements & profits

Section 7: Freehold Covenants

Section 8: Registered Land

Section 9: Adverse Possession

Books Included in Module Fee

King, Sarah. Beginning Land Law, Routledge, 2015. 

Duddington, John. Law Express: Land Law, Pearson Education Limited, 2018. 

Smith, Roger. Property Law, Pearson Education Limited, 2018. 

Duddington, John. Law Express Question and Answer: Land Law, Pearson Education Limited, 2017.

And many more ...