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What adults fear most about returning to study

It’s perfectly normal to have fears about returning to study, and if you identify with any of the following, you’re certainly not alone. The most important thing is to recognise your fears, not ignore or deny them, so that you can take steps to overcome them.

“I won’t know anyone.”

Not knowing anyone and feeling like you will not fit in can be a barrier for some adults considering a return to study. However, you will discover soon enough that most people are in the same position – very few adults return to study with someone they know. For many, returning to study as an adult provides an opportunity to develop new friendships and grow networks. 

“It will be too expensive.”

Cost can be an issue, but there are options that you can look at, depending on the course that you are interested in. It helps to think of learning as an investment in your future – even though you might find yourself a little stretched now, the sacrifice will be worth it in the long run.

“It will take up too much time.”

Yes, returning to study will definitely take up a huge chunk of your time, particularly if you’re planning to give it your best effort. Make sure you’re willing to make sacrifices. This might mean putting in some late nights, less socialising, more planning and managing your time wisely.

“I’m not sure I have what it takes.”

Returning to study takes courage and confidence, and one of the ways to address your fears is to speak with other adult learners who share similar experiences. Tutors at Access Law Online, along with friends and family are all helpful sources of guidance and support.

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