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Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law & Practice 

Unmatched Pass Rates with Cutting-Edge, More Effective Teaching Methods, Superior Quality Materials, Unrivaled Flexibility, and Exceptional Support 

Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice
Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice

Exceptional Pass Rates 

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Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice


This is an industry-recognised qualification that provides you with the academic preparation you need for a career as a Licensed Probate Practitioner. 

It is a fully supported online programme with great flexibility to earn while you learn, giving you the ability to study anywhere in the world.

AssessmentPass Rate
(Mar 23 - Mar 24)
English Legal System21 days97.7%
Contract Law28 days94.4%
Land Law28 days92.1%
Wills, Succession & Grants of Representation28 days97.4%
Accounts2-hour exam98.4%

The Level 6 Programme is made up of 3 modules: 

This Module provides an introduction to Law and Legal Method in England and Wales by describing in detail how legal rules are made and applied along with an overview of the constitution and how it regulates the allocations of functions, powers and duties amongst the agencies of government and the relationship between them, including the courts (and tribunals) in relation to civil and criminal matters.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to: 

  • Analyse legal information from various sources of law and understand legal reasoning
  • Explain where the law comes from, how law is made and the main sources of law
  • Advise on the method and advisability of resolving legal problems through the civil and criminal justice systems and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
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The overall course structure was designed well and delivered which made learning interesting, kept me involved and equipped me with knowledge i needed. 

A massive thanks to the lecturers, tutors, examiners, and admission officers who were always available whenever I needed support and made this journey successful

Khurram Arman

2024 Graduate

I've really enjoyed studying with Access Law. The online exams made it easy for me to complete the course while juggling other things.  THe tutors are fantastic - always quick to respond and really helpful. 

The practice questions and mock exams were spot-on and prepared me well for the real thing.  Overall, it's been a great experience, and I definately recommend it to anyone looking to have a career in conveyancing.

Louie Grant 

2024 Graduate

From the offset everything went smoothly.  That is a credit to every single member of your team. 

The dashboard itself was straight forward to navigate around and the webinars itself were fantastic. 

I loved the fact that afterwards I could then go away and complete the practise questions to reinforce my learning. 

This course comes with the highest possible commendation from me. 

Dave Lavery

2023 Graduate

The course has been great.  Applying for assessments is straightforward and hassle-free. The guidance on how to apply to CLC to become a technician is excellent and super clear. 

The support from the tutors is fantastic, and they've been really helpful. I'd definately recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a conveyancing technician.

Jude Townsend

2024 Graduate

I particularly liked the structure of each module. It made everything a simple step-by-step process, which was easy to follow and really effective. 

The clear layout and organisation of the material helped me understand each part of the course really well.  

Anyone looking for a well-organised and easy-to-follow course into conveyancing, should do this course.

Reece Warner

2023 Graduate

I've been in practice for 15 years, and this course was exactly what I needed to fact-track my learning. Although I completed each module quickly, I still felt confident applying for each assessment thanks to the thorough preparation provided. 

The course is really well-designed, and I managed to complete it in less than 8 months. 

I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to gain qualification quickly. 

Gemma Bostan

2024 Graduate

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