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  • Private Members' Bills

    How is a private members bill different from a public bill?
  • Private bills ... bite size

    All Acts of Parliament start as bills.  There are many different types of bill:  1. Public Bills 2. Private Members Bills 3. Private Bills ...
  • Public Bills ... Bite Size

    How does an Act of Parliament come into existence? They all start as Bills. One type of Bill is the Public Bill.
  • Easements … bite size

    What is a easement?
  • Covenants … bite size

    What is a covenant?
  • Profits a Prendre … bite size

    Profits a prendre are rights which one person has to take something from someone else’s land. This could be minerals, crops or wild animals. There ...
  • Commons Registration Searches ... bite size

    What does a commons registration search reveal and when should it be carried out? 
  • Environmental searches ... bite size

    What are the different types of environmental search? 
  • Drainage and Water Searches ... bite size

    What does a drainage and water search reveal? 
  • Enquiries of the Local Authority ... bite size

    What are Enquiries of the Local Authority and what do they reveal? 
  • Local Land Charges Search ... bite size

    What is a local land charges search and what does it reveal?
  • Joint tenancy v tenancy in common

    Have you every wondered what would happen to your share of a property you co-own if you died?