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Programme: Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law & Practice

What is it?

The Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice is a vocational programme. So it is a practical programme which mixes theory and practical learning.

It is also the first step to becoming a Licensed Probate Practitioner.

Where does it lead? 

After completing the Level 4 Diploma you can pursue a career as a probate technician, and (with as little as six months experience) you can apply to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers to become a Registered Probate Technician. 

Alternatively, you could complete the Level 6 Diploma in Probate Law & Practice, and (with the requisite experience) you can apply to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers to become a Licensed Probate Practitioner.

Who can apply? 

Although the Level 4 Diploma is equivalent to a foundation degree and above, this is a entry-level programme. So it is suitable for candidates of all ages, with little or no legal experience and there are no entry requirements for this programme.

You don't even have to currently work in a legal practice. 

What will I learn? 

During the programme you will learn how to deal with legal matters which arise from the administration of an estate, as well as how to provide legal advice to personal representatives, beneficiaries and other interested parties.  

In order to complete the Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice you will have to complete the following 5 units:

Although, we do recommend that the modules are taken in the above order, this is not essential. We recognise that students will have different levels of knowledge and experience and may wish to study the modules in a different order or at the same time.

If you have previous legal qualifications you may qualify for an exemption for some of these modules.  

How can I apply? 

The application process couldn't be simpler. Just select the module (or package of modules) which you would like to pursue and proceed to our checkout process or complete our student enrolment form and send it to 

Once your application has been received by us, we will provide you with a user name and password so you can access our virtual learning environment (VLE). 

Before you start on your chosen module, you will be required to complete an induction module. You can then start your studies at a time and pace which best suits you. 

How long does it take?  

Typically, the Level 4 Diploma takes between 12-18 months to complete but, depending on prior knowledge of the subject and your circumstances, the Level 4 Diploma could be completed in 6 months. 

How are the modules assessed? 

The English Legal Systems, Law of Contract, Land Law and Wills, Succession & Grants of Representation modules are assessed by way of written assignment which you can complete and submit through the VLE.

The Understanding Accounting Procedures for Probate Transactions module is assessed by way of written exam.

This level 4 Diploma is awarded by SQA, the national awarding organisation.


  • The English Legal System
  • Contract Law
  • Land Law
  • Wills, Succession and Grants of Representation
  • Understanding Accounting Procedures for Conveyancing/Probate Transactions
  • Level 4 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice